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Good clicks

Lots of good stuff in Slate today:
Thomas Beller on the peculiar pleasure of earplugs

Anne Applebaum on how the Bush Administration's torture policy is not just wrong or pointless, but counterproductive: "Who could have imagined, in September 2001, that one of the masterminds of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon would make his confession and the world would hear it with indifference?"

A video story about a Hillary-bashing video made by an Obama supporter features a lot of the footage, which remixes an Apple ad to make her look like Big Brother. A little questionable ethically (I think the video is definitely over-the-top), but not out-of-bounds as a news story.

A sneak peek at the new This American Life TV show!

What Would Jesus Smoke?

A little schadenfreude from Tim Noah, on the trouble one right-wing hatemongering book (by the guy who kicked Ann Coulter off the National Review, no less) is having getting published

Even the headlines from The Onion, in the sidebar, are good:
Bush Announces Iraq Exit Strategy: 'We'll Go Through Iran'

'Well, You Try To Reconstruct Iraq,' Says U.S. Defensive Dept.

Gen. Tommy Franks Quits Army To Pursue Solo Bombing Projects

So, no more excuses about how there's nothing good on the Internets. Get to clicking.
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