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thefridayfive: Revenge of Mish-Mosh!

...by way of madame_urushiol:

1. Remember the scene with Molly Ringwald putting lipstick on by holding it in her cleavage? Name one really bizarre thing you know how to do. No matter how small.
Yes, I do remember that scene. My bizarre talent is that I can tell the number of letters in a word instantly, without counting them out. I can also tell you within a second or two whether a sentence has an even number of letters in it or an odd number. Just call me Rain Man.

2. What's your favourite way to pass the time?
Lying in a hammock.

3. What's your favourite restaurant and why?
Palena in Cleveland Park, Washington DC. It's the best, most perfect seasonal food I've ever tasted.

4. Which TV/Radio show did you like that's not aired any more?
Homicide: Life on the Streets.

5. If you had a choice of learning another new language, what would you choose? what do you think that reflects about you?
Russian, if you don't count the intro course I took last summer. It used to be that when I told my friends I wanted to learn Russian they'd mock me and say I should be looking at Mandarin instead. Now that the Cold War looks like making a comeback, Russian might even be a useful language again. Not that I want it for anything useful. I just want to be able to read Pushkin, and I don't see much point in doing it in translation.
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