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Friday 5
Friday 5, from texaswren, madame_urushiol and everybody else who has done it

I know the datestamp says Saturday, but hey, the sun's not up yet, so it's still Friday night.

1. What’s something you were into before it became popular?

2. What’s something you were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with, but now are totally into?
Up until last Sunday I would have said The Sopranos. Now that it's over, I've got nothing. Usually if I don't like a trend I'll stay reluctant about it, and if I like it I'll like it from the beginning.

3. What’s a current trend or fad you just don’t get?
Outgoing trend: shrugs. Incoming trend: vests. Both sort of baffle me.

4. If you could turn any current fondness of yours into a popular trend, what would it be?
I like texaswren's answer: Bookcrossing.

5. What’s something that’s totally uncool that you love anyway?
I think nature walks are about as uncool as it gets. And I love them about as much as anything I do.

Current Music: Marisa Monte

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