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What does God look like?

buffra's post with the groovy cover of the Reach Out edition of the New Testament reminded of how as a kid I was traumatized by a 1970's-era kids' Bible comic book. Somehow I got an idea from this book that God is a very tan cartoon guy in a headband a la John McEnroe. I think it was a picture of an angel, but somehow I got the idea that it was God, and now whenever I think of God I think of a cartoon guy with a cloud of dark hair, wearing a far-out blue headband. Thanks a lot, well-meaning Christian hippie types.

This got me wondering what mental images other people have of God. So I created a poll:

What does God look like?

an old man on a throne with a beard and a scepter
a light behind a cloud
what is this God of which you speak?
Other (please explain in comments)
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