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fridayfiver:The Sun Goes Down Alone
This song is a big guilty pleasure of mine.

1. Have any road trips planned?
Yes, to Big Bend National Park with my brothers and SIL, starting on Thanksgiving Day right after dinner.

2. What is out of your reach?
My good paring knife, which fell behind the stove a few weeks ago. I have no idea how to get to it.

3. Are you more likely to watch a sunset or the sun rise?
Honestly, either. A lot of sunrises find me walking my dog, while a lot of sunsets find me sitting outside my building or on the roof.

4. What night will you never forget?
Sunday, December 6, 1992.

5. What's the last thing that made you scream?
Fake-screaming? Trying to get through traffic last night on the way to Café Atlantico with my brother and SIL. Real screaming? Probably coming home to find that Stella had chewed a hole in the back of the couch.


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florafloraflora From: florafloraflora Date: June 23rd, 2007 12:09 am (UTC) (Link)
The stove is gas, and even if it weren't too heavy to push I have terrible visions of setting off an explosion. If I can get a hold of a yardstick I'll try to reach it that way—good idea!

About the couch, I was pretty upset, but don't worry. My mom arrives next week to help me fix it. She's got wicked household-repair skills.
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