florafloraflora (florafloraflora) wrote,

Five on Friday + Doggielove

From fiveonfriday: Rainy Day

1. Does the rain make you feel blue?
No, I love it.

2. Do you find that rain ruins or improves your day?
It almost always improves it, unless I have to carry an uncovered cake or painting a long way.

3. Have you ever danced/splashed/ran in the rain?
Well, yeah. Hasn't everybody?

4. What do you like to do on rainy days?
Everything is better on a rainy day. Except maybe the aforementioned carrying of cakes or paintings.

5. Do you save for "rainy days"?
Yeah, I'm a ferociously good saver when I want to be. Not that I scrimp and scrounge on the things I do buy, but I'm good at not buying stuff I don't need.

And now, here's a pic of Stella to brighten up your weekend:


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