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The Friday links

A couple from Slate:

Bee Not Afraid: This article says CCD is just the tail end of a long process of extinction for honeybees.
The only honeybees left—i.e., the ones that started disappearing in October—had become the cows of the insect world: virtually extinct in the wild, hopped up on antibiotics, and more likely to reproduce via artificial insemination than by their own recognizance.
That doesn't mean I'm not still sad about it.

"All My Friends": An in-depth analysis of some song lyrics, this is brilliant but it also leaves me wondering who has the time to ponder song lyrics any more.

And then the article that's causing a stink here in DC:

Members Only: "Late Night Shots is herding the next generation of assholes through Georgetown bars. And you're not invited." It's an entertaining story, and it explains why I wouldn't let the sun set on me in Georgetown, but if you're shocked and dismayed by the revelation that post-frat preppies are uber-dull, hypocritical bullies, then I've got some sad news for you: GW Bush isn't really a compassionate conservative.

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