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Put Down the Superhero Costume and Come to Church

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon has a brilliant post today on the "church is for girls" whine that's been going around in certain right-wing religious circles. It's particularly brilliant, and depressing, on how the Catholic Church has been co-opted, in places, by right-wing political extremists:
...politically conservative Catholic operators are becoming indistinguishable from the Protestant ones—in both cases, they’re veering dangerously close to acting like theocracy is the final hope for Republican party dominance. It bears repeating: Catholics who buy into the Rod Dreher/Bill Donohue view of Catholicism as just another flavor of fundie insanity are not helping their fellow Catholics. Christian Dominionists think Catholics are heathen idolators and while they’ll look the other way while building political power, they can’t be trusted to be much more tolerant of Catholics than they are of Muslims or atheists or Jews once they get that power.
The comments to the post are good too. Like the one that links to this video:

Make with the clicky already!

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