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Not so fast, Turd Blossom.

I know, I know, I need to stop quoting Amanda Marcotte from Pandagon. I'm amazed I even like her at all, considering I first heard of her during the Edwards blogger kerfuffle. But she clears up a common misconception in today's entry "Karl Rove is not a genius":
Karl Rove is not smarter than the rest of us. He’s just more evil. His utter lack of sophistication is what tends to frustrate people. While most of us are out there talking about framing and polling and all that jazz, Rove spreads a rumor that his opponents like it up the butt and watches the numbers roll in. He’s simply willing to do what makes most human beings with a scrap of decency left recoil.
The New York Times doesn't pull any punches either, in this morning's editorial about Rove's departure, which skips all the "gee whiz, that Karl Rove sure is a rascal!" talk for a reminder that Rove is still, in effect, a wanted man:
The American public needs to understand the full story of how this White House — with Mr. Rove pulling many of the strings — has spent the last six and a half years improperly and dangerously politicizing the federal government. Mr. Rove is already defying one Congressional subpoena to testify about the United States attorneys scandal. He should be made to respond to that one, and should also be subpoenaed to explain his role in several other cases of crass politicization.
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