florafloraflora (florafloraflora) wrote,

Letter C

Meme, from madame_urushiol: here are ten things I like/love that begin with the letter C.

CHEESE, my favorite food in the world.

COGNAC, one of my favorite things to drink.

CHEEVER, as in John, my favorite short story writer right next to Alice Munro.

CLOUDS, my favorite natural element.

CHOPIN (wasn't there a song about that?)

COLD WAR, my favorite period in history.

CALENDARS I never used to use them, but ever since I started my daily habit-tracking I've been calendar-obsessed, shopping for the perfect wall calendar in every bookstore and gift shop I see, trying to justify a wall calendar for my office, a desk calendar to have at home, page-a-day calendars just to sprinkle around in decorative fashion...

CELLO, my favorite musical instrument.

CATHOLICISM To my surprise and everybody else's, I went back to the church in which I was brought up a few years ago, and somehow it's still working for me. At least, that is, when I'm not flirting with Buddhism.

CITIES I never really feel right unless I've got plenty of other humans within earshot.

Anyone who wants to play, comment here and I'll give you a letter.
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