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Let's start off with the YouTube find of the day. Chess: it's the classic game of strategy and wits... and bubbles! Click to watch this old-skool SNL video if you dare:

I think I'm at risk of overdosing on cauliflower. I made some over the weekend. Then Liz and I were talking on Monday night about having dinner on Tuesday, and I mentioned the cauliflower and Liz started craving it (she's a major enabler of my habit), so I took some over to her place and made it Tuesday night, and oh yum. Then yesterday in the farmers' market I caught myself wondering if I had enough cauliflower in the house to get through the week. I'm happy to say I had the strength to put my foot down and step away from the cauliflower, and buy some nice corn-on-the-cob instead. Now I can make myself some corn chowder and some of that scary Latin American confection, corn ice cream. Corn + Dairy = Comfort, dontcha know.

The gym across from my work has opened finally, and I'm not a member. I'm trying not to feel wistful when I see the shiny people in the window, running on their climate-controlled treadmills. But I am staying strong: taking the stairs whenever it's an option and sticking to my little Couch-to-5K running schedule on the trail near my house, plus going to every yoga class I'm signed up for. Money's been tight since I had to buy new tires, so that helps me not to regret my decision to skip the gym membership. And, OK, it also made me feel better to buy some shiny new running pants from REI.

Last week I explained, in way too much detail, why sweet vermouth is the drink of Satan. This week, I'm bringing you another drink to avoid. Presenting Harney and Sons' Bangkok Blend: green tea with coconut, lemongrass and ginger.

I'm not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, but it tastes like cheap generic green tea with a squeeze of suntan oil floated on top. All I can say is that the tin was sealed so I couldn't smell the tea until after I'd paid for it, and I was line at Barnes & Noble and not thinking clearly. I drank it so you wouldn't have to. Stay away.

Tonight I'm tempted to go a reading and booksigning by Parochista Khakpour, the author of Sons and Other Flammable Objects. It's been a while since I went to Adams-Morgan, and I can probably get some of my friends to come too. Again, this is a book I never would have heard of if it hadn't been for my neighborhood bookstore.
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