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Friday Fives

Five on Friday: Trick or Treat

Would you rather...

1: eat nothing but chocolate or go without chocolate for the rest of your life?
Go without. Good thing this question wasn't about cheese.

2: stub your toe or get a paper cut?
A lot of meme questions seem designed by either identity thieves or the CIA's torture intensive questioning department. The answer is, none of your business.

3: write the news or make the news?
Write the news. I am not a fan of the spotlight.

4: lose 10 pounds or gain 10 IQ points?
Lose ten pounds. Extra IQ is nothing but a burden to a genius. Hey, ask a stupid question and all that.

5: wear a costume to work or wear normal clothes to a Halloween party?
Wear a costume to work. That's one good thing about this place: no fashion police.

fridayfiver: Who got the fresh-e freshy?

1. What is sweet?

Leaving work early on a Friday.

2. What hours do you work?
Flexible 9-to-5.

3. When do you relax?
Hardly ever or almost always, depending how you define "relax". I am in a constant state of nervous relaxation.

4. How did you learn about the birds and the bees?
Well, at age six I found this bizarre and fascinating book. I didn't understand half of it and it left me with some hilarious misconceptions, which were cleared up later by an older friend of mine.

5. Friday fill-in:
The good vibes flow ____.
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