florafloraflora (florafloraflora) wrote,

Two wrongs (three wrongs? four wrongs? I've lost track.)

Either the Washington Post left some facts out and needs to sharpen up its reporting skills or the US attorneys in Fairfax County have waay too much time on their hands. After his son used an ax to break into a locked gun cabinet and then shot two police officers, Brian Kennedy was convicted, basically, of being a pot smoker.

Listen up, people: it's one thing to waste taxpayer money on an ad campaign about the eeeeevils of Mary Jane (it needs to stay illegal, you see, because it's a gateway drug that might lead our youth to think it's OK to do other illegal drugs). We can all chuckle at that and get on with our lives. It's another entirely to ruin a grieving father's life. That's not to mention letting a grieving widow embarrass herself in court with this ill-informed speech:
"What type of person would feed his son drugs every day," asked Suzanne Garbarino, alternately looking at her notes and glaring at Brian H. Kennedy, "knowing the extent of his emotional problems, and keep an arsenal of guns scattered around the house for him to have access to? A parent that chose to do the wrong thing and not take responsibility for his actions."
That's just piling sad on top of more sad.

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