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Last night's discovery: parsnip soup is good with a touch of maple syrup in it. I had some parsnips I wanted to use and I was starving, so I concocted a quick-and-simple soup of peeled, sliced parsnips cooked in chicken stock with a sliced potato, then generously peppered and pureed with the hand blender. The result was soup-y enough, but there was still a bite from the parsnips that I wanted to tone down. I didn't have orange juice or oranges and I didn't want an overt fruit flavor anyway, and honey or sugar seemed like overkill.

Then I remembered the jug of Grade A Dark Amber maple syrup sitting in my cabinet, cracked it open and drizzled some in. Perfect: the smoky sweetness of the maple was just the right foil for the pungent flavor of the parsnips. I'm not usually a fan of extra sweetening with root vegetables, but I'd recommend maple for all your parsnip needs.
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