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Lots of good links today.

In the New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell puts the smackdab on William Saletan's effort to resurrect The Bell Curve theory of innate racial differences in intelligence. Stephen Metcalf did a good job a while back of exposing the racist background and funding of the authors of The Bell Curve; in this piece, Gladwell describes some interesting evidence on IQ tests found by James Flynn, a social scientist at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

The New York Times has at least three good stories:Yesterday at work we had our division's Christmas potluck and gift exchange. One of the great things about our multi-culti workplace is the food at holiday parties: there is a contingent of Indian guys who always bring the best food you've ever tasted, full of subtle and complex spices and unexpected combinations. Who knew lemon, rice and peanuts could come together to make the food of the gods? I made a hot crab dip and finally cleared the remaining Christmas cookies out of my freezer. I wrapped up the tortoiseshell purse for the gift exchange (the white one goes to Marija tomorrow—thanks to everyone who voted). I came away with a package of vanilla-scented votive candles, which at least is a useful gift, unlike the blown-glass falcon-head Christmas ornament (we need to bump the limit up to $15 next year). Today is the big blowout with the entire department. Thanks to political turnover we have a new chief this year, so the party and charity auction is being held in a swanky hotel instead of the dreary steakhouse where we used to meet. After that it's the weekend, featuring Marija's Christmas party, much last-minute knitting with a nerdy audiobook binge on the side, and and and and.

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