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World's Unsexiest Man

The Boston Phoenix has identified the top 100 unsexiest men in the world. Now, I'm known to have what some people consider strange taste in celebrities. Forget Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or *bleargh* Nick Lachey: Harvey Keitel, anybody? Paul Krugman? Ira Glass? Kevin *swoon* Spacey? Maybe some Jack Black? See, it takes all kinds. But even I've got to agree, nobody who's not a seriously misguided Slavic model wants to sleep with Ric Ocasek.

I would only quibble with one name on that list: Chris Kattan. Can I possibly be the only one who can see past the monkey-man act? Maybe so.

Any other quibbles or true confessions out there? It would make me feel a lot better. Oh, and it would allow me to blackmail you for your firstborn child. Step right up!

Just one last chuckle: the Kevin Federline photo at the bottom of the article was taking forever to load so I tried to save it and view it in another program, and I got an error message that said "Can't determine type". Somehow I think that happened for a reason.
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