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On the other hand

This guy in Iowa makes a good point about Obama's win in that state (bold and italics mine):
You are absolutely correct ("Kicked Ass, Will Travel") about Iowa (Republicans) being tailor-made for Huckabee. As an observer of R politics in this state, it has been years since the fundamentalist right seized control of the party. ...

Not so correct about Iowa Democrats. Jessie
[sic] Jackson did very well here in 1988. On the whole, Iowa Democrats tend to be more progressive than the average Democrat and extremely open-minded (and sometimes naïve about our opponents). My own observation (as an Edwards supporter) is that the Obama campaign was extremely-well organized and figured out how to turn out new caucus attendees. (The former Republicans at our caucus generally supported Obama.) Our precinct went from a prior high of just over 300 attendees to 523. From a quick view at the paper this morning, our caucus was not alone.

But central to this is that Obama would never have run into problems with Iowa Democrats because of his race, any more than Clinton would run into problems because of her sex. I failed to pull over a number of Democrats who agreed with everything Edwards said, liked him a lot, but did not want to pick the white male candidate in this field. Whether Obama can pull in Republicans is a different question (given the people who are left in that party, it is unlikely), but relying on a large number of independents, he certainly showed a major draw and tapped into resources that no one has tapped into in Iowa in my political experience (which goes back to about 1978, even though I could not vote that year.) ...

I’ll add a more general observation. I know a lot of Democrats who have nothing against Hillary Clinton, but they can visualize the Republican attack because they remember the attacks on Bill Clinton. I don’t think those same Democrats visualize the attack on Obama, if he is the nominee. With the Republican “scare” issue moving from gay marriage to immigration (and with it, the GWOTTM), and the base of the Republican Party what it is, the race against Obama (if he gets the nomination) could be one of the most miserable experiences in modern politics. I picture a racist, xenophobic campaign that will bring out all the worst America can be. The upside is that Senator Obama is up to the challenge and if he is nominated and wins, the mere act of winning could transform our country and the Democratic Party.
I've always said that I like Obama a lot, but I didn't know if I could trust my fellow Americans to vote for a black guy. I'd like to think that someone who wouldn't vote for Obama because he's black wouldn't vote for a Democrat at all. But having seen how it upset my inlaws, diehard Southern Democrats, when Al Gore picked Joe Lieberman as his VP candidate—not because they necessarily had a problem with his religion, but because they knew their fellow voters would—I'm afraid I have trouble believing that.
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