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No One Thinks of Greenland... That Way.

The horror
I think I may have had a dream for the record books last night. What are the chances of waking up screaming from a nightmare about... Greenland? I wasn't in Greenland and nobody was chasing me to Greenland. All it took was either flying over Greenland or possibly even looking at a map of Greenland. What I remember was feeling something hideous was going to happen; then the globe shifted a little under me and the horror revealed itself: Hudson Bay and then... oh God no... GREENLAND!!!!! That was enough to make me wake up screaming.

I think the nightmare owed itself more to the fact that I'd been up in the middle of the night reading a scary book, and I went back to sleep at that spooky super-exhausted time of early morning that lends itself to the real hallucinatory dreams. Still... Greenland. Even now, a day later, I don't entirely like looking at that map or thinking too hard about it. If that doesn't make me a map nerd, nothing ever will.

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