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Khandibar, anyone?
If I'd written an entry about an hour ago, it would have gone something like this:
The Drama is dull, annoying, and terrifying. But the worst thing about the Drama is that it takes up all the space in my brain, so I can't think about anything else and so I can't write about anything in my blog, because the Drama is way too dull and sordid to share. The whole thing makes me feel hideously isolated from the people I like best, on LJ and Bookcrossing.

Another entry that budded in my head but never got beyond that was something like:
If someone as beautiful and talented as Fiona Apple can be as miserable as she is in love, what hope is there for any of the rest of us?

I was feeling very sorry for myself, very sorry indeed, when I came across the fabulous classic map of Newyorkistan, drawn by Maira Kalman for the cover of the New Yorker back in 2001, and it turned my whole day around. Just made everything better.

I mean, Upper Kvetchnya! *hee!* Who could stay sad after seeing that?

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: "Xica da Silva", Jorge Ben

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miketroll From: miketroll Date: May 4th, 2006 09:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
Love the map! Khandibar and Kvetchnya indeed!

Khkhzks reminded me of the late great Richard Feynman, whose lifelong dream was to visit the then Soviet Republic of Tannu Tuva, the capital of which was (and is) Kyzyl. Feynman said his fascination for the place stemmed purely from seeing this exotic name on the map. Alas, I think he died shortly after he finally got a visa to go.
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