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My new thing

I should probably be deeply ashamed of watching this trailer over and over, but I can't help myself. I think I know what I'm going to be watching obsessively, night after night, in the theater this fall.

I just found this fascinating blog in the NYT (probably requires a Times Select subscription, sorry--I don't know how to get around that).

My movie-watching attempts haven't been very successful lately. In fact, of the last three movies I've tried to see, I haven't finished one. Last week there was the very dreadful The River, a goopy coming-of-age story and travelogue of colonial India by Jean Renoir at the Silver, which I walked into and out of more than once, drinking about a gallon of water at a time from the water fountain and then running to the bathroom about twenty minutes later just to have something to do. Then, earlier this week, I finally figured out how to use the DVD player and tried settling in with an old favorite, only to go to bed halfway through because I was falling asleep. And last night, I walked out of the second episode of Three Times because it just didn't impress me and I was freezing in the theater's AC. I hope the third time is the charm and I'll be able to watch things all the way through from now on.

This weekend Liz, her French housemate and I, and possibly a guy I work with, are going to walk across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. If you're there or you see TV footage of the event, look for me: I'll be the one with the hair and the t-shirt.
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