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No dog, new friends, DIY

Didn't get the dog. My property manager told me it would be fine, but she didn't bother to call the shelter and confirm until it was too late; the shelter, in the meantime, never told me what the cutoff was for hearing back from the property manager. For some reason I was REALLY distraught about it. I was trying to talk to my next-door neighbor about something entirely unrelated when the sight of his dog made me break down in big, honking sobs. How mortifying is that?

I really don't know that I can bring myself to go through the shelter adoption process again. It's one thing to have a stranger come over and inspect your living space, not a pleasant thing but one I could handle, but the total disregard for the applicant is more than I really need when I'm trying to do the right thing by going to the shelter instead of a nice, convenient, no-questions-asked backyard breeder. I know they go on and on about how the animals are their #1 priority (meaning: we couldn't care less about people), but I have so many friends who won't even consider adopting from a shelter because they don't want to be treated like criminals, and I fail to see how that helps get animals into loving homes.

In better news, the new friends just keep on coming! The latest is Anne from upstairs, a sort of unofficial leader in our little building community, who does development work for USAID and has fascinating stories about her travels in remote areas of the world. We bonded over a bizarre situation with a middle-of-the-night noise complaint. Then she turned up to try out a couple of my yoga classes and I was able to convince her to sign up for the rest of the session.

The Mr. and I are trying to choose the paint we'll use on the new house in NC over Memorial Day. Right now the walls are a scary assortment of eggplant, mustard, mallard, and chocolate, and we need to paint at least the living room, dining room, and master bedroom before we move our things in. I'm looking for a nice, soft periwinkle for the bedroom and a warm sort of dove-gray for the living and dining. That shouldn't be too hard, right? The weird thing is, we're trying out colors on the Internet visualizer-thingies, but no matter how sober and muted a color looks in the individual onscreen chip, when I try putting it on the wall of the sample room it comes out Easter-egg bright. Bleargh! The best I've been able to come up with is "Icelandic" and "Grayish", or perhaps "Proper Gray", from Sherwin-Williams.

If any of you out there have any housepainting or DIY experience, I will welcome any tips and tricks you might have to contribute. We are total newbies at this. I'd especially like to hear any recommendations for primer and how to apply it.
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