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Corona on a hike
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I'm still here, I'm just busy with dog-fosterdom, my mushroom ID class, and getting ready to go back to school in the fall. The one-hour dog walk every morning before work is cutting into my schedule, but it's helping me shed the weight I've put on since Stella died. After Corona finds a home (stupid name—I didn't want to change it just for a few weeks but if I had my way she'd be named Astrid) I'll have to get serious about walking to the bus stop every day instead of driving.

I'm still reading and loving Tom Jones, just a little more than 200 pages from the end. I went and saw a weird movie called The Firemen's Ball the other day, the last one Milos Forman made before emigrating from Czechoslovakia in 1967. The last play of the season at Shakespeare Theatre, The Imaginary Invalid, was second only to The Taming of the Shrew back in September, full of what that company does best: perfect sets, costumes, and pageantry.

I made some tofu in (Vietnamese) caramel sauce and a white peach-raspberry cobbler over the weekend: serious yum.

All is good. We're getting a lot more rain this summer, which is making it all easier to survive.

Hope everybody's having a good summer. I'm trying to keep up with my flist but if I've missed anything big please let me know.
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