December 7th, 2006


Nigel-Clive Syndrome and other modern ailments

Here's a funny from this week's New Yorker:
INFLUENZA M29, often called Omni-“Law & Order” Disorder. ... The unfortunate sufferer characteristically flips through the channels, and gradually comes to believe, to his or her horror, that the only thing on is the hour-long crime program produced by Dick Wolf, in one manifestation or another (“Law & Order: Rural Free Delivery,” “Law & Order: Extra Credit Unit,” etc.).
Read all about it.
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Little Mosque on the Prairie

O.M.G. This looks like the best show ever:
The handsome, clean-cut young man of evidently Pakistani or Indian origin is standing in an airport line, gesticulating emphatically as he says into his cellphone, “If Dad thinks that’s suicide, so be it,” adding after a pause, “This is Allah’s plan for me.”

As might be expected, a cop materializes almost instantly and drags the man off, telling him that his appointment in paradise will have to wait, even though the suicide he is referring to is of the career kind; he’s giving up the law to pursue a more spiritual occupation.

The scene unrolls early in the pilot of a new Canadian comedy series called “Little Mosque on the Prairie.”
[The link above goes to a New York Times article that probably requires registration. There's a more boring, business-y sort of press release from the CBC here.]

I would actually take my TV out of storage for this. I wonder if it will make to any of the US networks. God knows they could use a bit of fresh air.
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