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Flora. Typhoid Flora.

This is my third day of being sick, as sick as I've actually been in at least a couple of years. Usually if I feel myself coming down with something I stay home for a day and that nips it in the bud, then I'm free to move on with whatever I'm doing. But this time I'm running a slight fever and I've got a hilarious case of laryngitis that makes me sound like Kathleen Turner. When I called the office yesterday to apologize for not being there right in the middle of Boondoggle 2000, V. said I should set up a phone-sex line for a couple of days. [Do people even use those anymore, what with all the online porn?] I haven't left the house since Tuesday night, except briefly on Wednesday night to go to the ATM and make an urgent transfer.

I woke up at three this morning, and thought I would hack up a lung as all the evil beasties inside me tried to get out and into other unsuspecting creatures. Whenever I'm playing host to some destructive organism I always think of that one episode of the X-Files, where the scientists are inside the volcano and there's that weird heat-tolerant fungus that tears through the victims' throats with what looks like an exploding asparagus stalk. Don't feel sorry for me for waking up at 3. I just had such a slow day yesterday, lying around wrapped in blankets, occasionally getting up to do Internet stuff, that I don't think my body got tired enough for a long sleep. I even had trouble getting to sleep, which hardly ever happens: my body just really didn't seem to need it.

Now I'm awake, the coughing has subsided, and I can hardly stand the thought of spending another day just lying around the house. I'm tempted to go to work as soon as the buses start running (and actually use my ill-gotten bus pass from the other night), and just put a big quarantine sign on the lab doors saying "Enter at Your Own Risk". It's either that, or stay home today and then have to go in tomorrow when the office is all creepy and quiet. I might have to do that anyway, but if I go in today I'll be able to get a lot done and then I'll be sure to have Sunday to myself. The Mr. was going to come down with Opus for the weekend, but as a) I'm sick, b) I might have to spend some or all of the weekend at work, and c) the Amtrak tickets for his return trip (long story--he's bringing my car back from Durham) were more expensive than we thought, I told him not to worry about it and just come next weekend instead. It will suck not to see them, and I admit it would be nice to be babied just a bit, but not enough to make it worth the grief.
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