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Seasonally inappropriate

I've been eating all kinds of light, vegetable-y things lately, in fact up until yesterday I could hardly stand to think of eating anything at all in this weather, and then for some bizarre reason my arm reached out and put a chuck roast into my basket at the store. Yes, US Grade A beef. I must have been starved for protein or something. So I brought it home and cooked it up in the Crock-Pot with red wine and onions and bay leaf and the mushrooms I had bought to put in my nice light frittata with the Swiss chard. It's a seasonal abomination, but oh so deliciously yum. And at three pounds of meat (at least it was to start with) it will be feeding me for a long time, too.

Speaking of seasonally inappropriate, I went and saw An Inconvenient Truth last night with Seema, Jimmy, Ming, and Ellen. I'd heard it was the best boring movie I would ever see, but it wasn't even boring, what with the Matt Groening cartoon, the flashbacks of the hot young Al Gore in Senate hearings [Where has he been all my life??? Oh yeah, in the Senate and the White House and all over the news. Well, I didn't notice him until just now.], and the impressive animations of bodies of water shrinking (the Aral Sea) and expanding (some very vivid images of what will happen to Florida, the Netherlands, Calcutta, and the site of the Ground Zero memorial in Manhattan). To those who say it's just an Al Gore campaign video, I bite my thumb and say we should be so lucky. As a side benefit, it snapped me out of the navelgazing funk I've been in for the past couple of months. I think this will be my new movie obsession--I'm going to see it again tonight and I'll get the Mr. to see it with me in North Carolina this weekend too. Don't miss it, kids.
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