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Two little pieces of my mind

It's been a while since I put a piece of my mind up on LJ. So here it is, in fact here are two little pieces of gray matter:

a) This is what I think, Sasha Frere-Jones: you can either go slinging the word "rockist" around in the same tone you'd use for "child pornographer" or you can babble about the connections between the Sex Pistols and Guns 'n Roses and why metal adopted punk as a brother, but not both. Sorry. That just won't fly. Oh, and rap-metal is not "some current blend": it's about five years past its sell-by date. That is all.

b) This whole "stop snitchin'" phenomenon is the most hilarious thing since the verdict in the OJ Simpson trial. It's one thing to hide yourself and yours from the law: that's been going on since there was a law to hide from. But rhetoric like this is just enough to make you snort milk out your nose:
Moore [DC's "Teflon defendant", who has been indicted many times and never convicted] also sent his half brother [a witness for the prosecution] a letter, introduced as evidence, that said by relying on informers, the "prison-industrial complex is a disguise for modern-day slavery." By participating, the letter added, "You will be an outcast, and may the curse of the ancestors be upon you if you take the poison to be exploited by the United States."

Yeah, that's right, and I'm Rosa Parks.

Yikes. Between this post and this one, I wonder if I'm turning into Bill O'Reilly. I swear, my lefty credentials are still good. Just think of this as my Nixon-in-China moment.
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