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Warning: swallow anything you're drinking before you read this

I'm not counting this as an entry or anything, but I just had to share something from Mimi's latest:

I was walking very fast (superhumanly dreamworld fast) on a bike path, and instead of saying "on your right" or whatever when overtaking people I was flapping my arms and screaming, "FREAKOUT!" at the top of my lungs. Then, a few strides later when I overtook the startled pedestrian I would turn my head and say, in a just-for-your-information tone, "Le freak. C'est chic." I woke up smiling.

I'd be smiling too. If I had dreams like that I'd probably be a blogging superstar, but then if I had Mimi's mind the world would be a totally different place (not to mention the fact that Mimi would be missing a mind).

Read the rest of it, including coverage of the Competitive Mothering games, here.
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