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Warning: swallow anything you're drinking before you read this
I'm not counting this as an entry or anything, but I just had to share something from Mimi's latest:

I was walking very fast (superhumanly dreamworld fast) on a bike path, and instead of saying "on your right" or whatever when overtaking people I was flapping my arms and screaming, "FREAKOUT!" at the top of my lungs. Then, a few strides later when I overtook the startled pedestrian I would turn my head and say, in a just-for-your-information tone, "Le freak. C'est chic." I woke up smiling.

I'd be smiling too. If I had dreams like that I'd probably be a blogging superstar, but then if I had Mimi's mind the world would be a totally different place (not to mention the fact that Mimi would be missing a mind).

Read the rest of it, including coverage of the Competitive Mothering games, here.

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Current Music: The hum of the computer fan, faint knocking from upstairs

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zemarkable From: zemarkable Date: February 18th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
my god.

mimi smartypants is seriously wonderful.

i'm almost happy with my own deep inadequacy, having read her diary and thought to myself "so near and yet so far" in regard to what i felt my head had in common with hers.

hers comes out.
mine stays in.

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