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Why? Dang ol' why?

Well, Brazil is out of the World Cup--just didn't have the skills--and I'm hitting the road for Cackalacky. I'll just leave you with this imponderable question: WHAT do people see in Jennifer Aniston?

She's not the world's worst actress, but to me she's just as bland as boiled bread. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to see so much hype about her on my first trip to London earlier this year, as I'd been hoping that the UK would be the kind of place where people don't have time for Jennifer Aniston. And now I'm seeing an in-depth profile of her on my favorite Brazilian newspaper site and how her real-life splitup with Brad Pitt affected her during the filming of her latest dumb movie. WTF? Deeply disappointing, as disappointing as the way the Brazil team choked in the quarterfinals. It's not that I hate her, just that she's about 5,187,490,532 on my list of Things That Deserve Attention, right in between pocket lint and belly button de-fuzzing.

Any brave JA fans out there care to explain? I promise to listen with an open mind.
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