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A Meme of Sorts

OK, so I've just invented the laziest meme in the world: look at the websites in your browser history (to find it, go to the address bar and click on the arrow at the right--you should get a dropdown box full of URLs), list ten of them here, and tell us why you visited them.

Here's mine:

http://www.tripadvisor.com/ (my favorite travel site)
http://www.fogodechao.com/ (a Brazilian chain restaurant--I was desperate to find a place to watch the World Cup, and a neighbor suggested this one to me.)
http://www.blackcatdc.com (site of the upcoming Mission of Burma show)
http://www.beefolks.com (I ran out of buckwheat honey, and it's still a couple of months until I can get some more at RenFest.)
http://www.thislife.org (my favorite public radio show, starring my secret boyfriend)
http://girlbomb.typepad.com/ (my new favorite blog)
http://smartypants.diaryland.com/ (my original favorite blog, although Mimi prefers "online journal", and the place where I found out about my new favorite blog)
http://www.dietgirl.org/ (another one of my favorite blogs, this one by a kickass Aussie chick in Scotland who has lost nearly 200 pounds)
http://www.slate.com (my favorite news/commentary/snark site: they're not always perfect, but when they're on, they're right on)
http://www.newyorker.com/ (I am shamelessly addicted to the New Yorker, in its current incarnation anyway)

[Weekend in NC was good. Stella got in lots of romping with Opus. Here's a photo of the two of them:

Stella is the lovely creature on the left with the Yoda ears. Opus is the dude on the right, trying to nibble on her. You can't really see all her foxitude in this shot, but this was the best of the ones that came out. Her eyes aren't really blue like that, they are deep brown, but that's how they looked after my amateurish attempt to fix the zombie-eye look from the original shot.

The Mr. and I went to a festival and came home with all sorts of good stuff, including a nice poster and a piece of junk-steel sculpture made by this guy, sort of the world's classiest lawn flamingo, a stabile ("stub-bile" as the creator pronounced it) made of a floor-lamp stand with a free-rotating assemblage of scrap metal on top. We also bought a new mattress in ten minutes flat in the store (behold the power of Internet research).

It's actually a bit of a relief that Brazil is out of the World Cup: no more scrounging for a place to watch the next game, as I couldn't care less about the remaining teams except that if Italy wins it will make me seriously doubt the existence of a benevolent God.

Last night Liz and I celebrated the Fourth in fine style, with doggie-romping in the field near her house, a feast of grilled soy goodies, watermelon, corn on the cob, and ice cream, and the awesome illegal fireworks shows put on by her neighbors in Anacostia. She's trying to get me to go to Russia with her so I can put my new Russian skills to use. I told her we'll be fine as long as we're trying to find the Black Sea; "Chornoye Morye" is my favorite phrase so far.]
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