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Yet another meme!

Memes are about all I can handle right now. This one comes from madame_urushiol.

1. Cigarettes: I've never smoked one.
2. Sex: For females, it's being redefined as yet another chore with impossibly high standards to meet, but I'm determined not to buy into that.
3. Relationships: When they're good, they're really good.
4. Your last ex: It depends what you count as an ex.
5. Power Rangers: Oh, puh-leez.
6. Marijuana: Is not as dangerous as they make it out to be.
7. Crack: ...is not just addictive, evil, etc. but also kind of grosses me out on a gut level.
8. Food: Fuel.
9. This President: A pustule on the ass of American history.
10. War: Destruction.
11. Cars: Have done as much harm as good.
12. Gas Prices: Is anybody really surprised that they are so high?
13. Halloween: A holiday I hardly even notice.
14. Bon Jovi: Sure was cute in this one video from the 80's.
15. Religion: Isn't always a force for evil.
16. MySpace: Not something I have time for.
17. Worst Fear: Blah.
18. Marriage: Is a beautiful ideal.
19. Fashion: Not the evil it's cracked up to be, but hardly as important as some people think either.
20. Brunettes: Look much nicer with their natural hair color.
21. Redheads: True ones are rare.
22. Work: I should do more of it.
23. Pass the time: Reading.
24. One night stands: just puzzle me.
25. Cell phones: A necessary evil.
26. Pet Peeves: People who say "home" when they mean "house".
27. Pixie Stix: What's the point?
28. Vanilla ice cream: Breyers is best.
29. Porta Potties: Are really not that bad.
30. High School: Is far behind me, and that's a good thing.
31. Pajamas: Not a part of my wardrobe.
32. Wood: I wish they would actually put it on the sides of cars where the fake wood-grain panels go.
33. Surfers: Have more fun, I'm almost certain.
34. Pictures: of what?
35. First true love: was always older than his age, and by this point is probably pushing 80, bless him. What was I thinking?
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