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Ailments of the New Millennium, Part XXVII: Netflix Guilt

“City of God,” the award-winning 2002 Miramax film about the slums of Rio de Janeiro, is the most expensive film I’ve never watched. By my calculation, it cost me $66. I hear it’s great.

...which is exactly why the Mr. and I let our Netflix subscription lapse. The funny thing is, the movies this article cites as unwatchable are some of my favorites: City of God (which was co-directed by someone I went to school with!), Maria Full of Grace, Three Kings. Is there something wrong with me, or is everybody else crazy?

The Anselm Kiefer show yesterday was gorgeous, full of his signature gigantic abstract landscapes layered with lead and other metals, molten and in sheets, and punctuated with enigmatic 3D objects, full of spiritual significance, but I was a little too sleepy to get the full effect. My eyes were having trouble focusing and the security alarms kept going off. It's hard to look at these things without getting right up close, and the boundaries weren't well marked so people kept overstepping them by mistake. It was making the security guards pretty twitchy. I'll have to go again sometime and hope that there are fewer people then. I bought the coolest vase in the Hirshhorn gift shop, a wine bottle with the neck sawed off, turned upside down and balanced in the base of the bottle.

Just-swimming can be fun. Now if I could only get some sleep...
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