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This morning's Slate has an awesome roundup of fashion blogs. Late last year, when I was in the throes of major health problems and other life upheavals, I made a cranky little Chit-Chat post about how I was tired of fashion and I wanted to buy 100 identical t-shirt and trackpants ensembles so I'd never have to think about my clothes again. My post got a (rightful and mild-mannered) verbal spanking from yoko and inkognitoh.

Now that my schedule's a little more free (yes, the drama of the past few weeks is actually a de-escalation from the all-out panic of late last year), I can appreciate street fashion blogs, so I enjoyed the article. Highlights: recognizing the words for "shoes", "skirt", and "good" in this Russian blog, and a digression on the flâneur, whom Walter Benjamin called a "spy for the capitalists, on assignment in the realm of consumers."

Saturday night the Mr. and I saw an amazing show by these guys. Harmonica, fiddle, washboard and that wacky kettle-bass thing aren't usually my instruments of choice, but these guys are such brilliant musicians. We first saw them at a festival over 4th of July, and when the Mr. told me they were playing I had to check it out. There's no place I would rather have been Saturday night than in an un-airconditioned pavilion in a remote city park, in a tiny audience with a high proportion of kids and dogs, listening to these guys play against the roar of about a million crickets and, later in the evening, a thunderstorm.
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