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And they're off!

Today is Blogathon 2006. Starting at 9 am, 366 bloggers will be posting every half hour for 24 hours to raise money for charity, among them my friends buffra (doin' it for the children!), eireannaigh, who will be posting on her homesteading blog for Farm Aid, meirionwen who will be memeing (?) for PEN Canada, and the amazing boutell (but no pressure!), who will be writing sonnets for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. It's not too late to sponsor them (look them up in the alpha list, linked, or follow the links in their individual blogs), and it's all for a good cause.

Blog, my friends! Blog like the wind! [Yes, I know that by writing that I just lost any last bit of indie/punk-rock cred I might have had.]

ETA: (please see update, below) A word to the wise: not to discourage anyone from sponsoring, not at all, but be sure to use an email account that you don't mind having spammed. The Blogathon site must have shared my email address because as soon as I signed up as a sponsor I started getting a flood of mail from new friends like LonelyBoredHousewife and M.E.D.Mania. So much for ten years of scrupulous email hygiene... Well, it's for a good cause, all of it.
(Update) melydia tells me she's been getting the same spam, but she hasn't signed up. It must be some diabolical new kind of spamination that the filters can't catch. Disregard what I wrote above, and sponsor with abandon!
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