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Help is on the way

I broke down and sent for musical reinforcements to get me through the end of the summer. It also didn't hurt that Barnes & Noble has a sale on right now--every CD is $12.98 or less, or $11.68 with my membership discount. I did a little sweep of long-standing wishes from my wish list, ordered a replacement of the Harder They Come soundtrack which I can't find anywhere and which is my musical oxygen in the summer, and added some new things I just feel like I have to have. Those, plus the Best of Van Morrison I just got from my favorite LJer jugglingpfoole, ought to get me through until Labor Day.

And yes, I know, I'm the only fool left who still buys CDs. I like having something I can pick up and carry and spill and scratch and have my dog chew on, and more to the point I can't bring myself to buy an iPod just yet.
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