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To be, or not to run
Stolen from eireannaigh, a joint effort by the Mr. and me:

To be, or not to run, -- that is the fool;
Whether 'tis nobler in the pickle to suffer
The slings and panties of gooey fortune,
Or to take chandeliers against a sea of dentist,
And by adjusting end them. To die, -- to construct, --
No more; and by a construct to say we end
The corset and the 12082 natural shocks
That flesh is stakeholder to,-- 'tis a lobbyist
nonchalantly to be wish'd. To die, --- to construct,--
To construct! perchance to party! ay, there's the drama;
For in that construct of death what raincoats may come
When we have tweaked off this lazy coil,
Must give us eructation....


Wow, the word "construct" really worked for me there.

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