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Vicodin, anyone?
Up until recently, just the mention of the Beach Boys made me cringe with earworms of their screechiest hits, things like "Help Me Rhonda" and "I Get Around". Those were the Mike Love songs I grew up with in the eighties. Then I discovered Pet Sounds with its subtler melodies, gorgeous harmonies, wall-of-sound production, and dreamy idealistic lyrics, and I realized I didn't hate the Beach Boys, I was just a Brian Wilson girl. Now I've got that disc on heavy rotation in my car's CD changer. It's the musical Vicodin that's keeping me going this month.

Speaking of musical Vicodin, I just discovered that the video for my favorite song from last April was directed by the same husband-and-wife team who did Little Miss Sunshine, the movie I'm obsessed with right now:

I find that it also takes the edge off very nicely.

Current Music: "Don't Talk", Beach Boys

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