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A little justice in Movieland

The movie world isn't usually fair. I've almost quit watching the Oscars (although I made an exception for this year's Jon Stewart broadcast) because it's like watching the big beefy bullies beat up the sensitive skinny kid in the black t-shirt, over and over and over. So I was happy to see a bit of justice in the box-office numbers for last weekend. Talladega Nights is still going strong at number 2, which is as it should be, and last week's number 1, Snakes on a Plane, is down to number 6. Best of all, Little Miss Sunshine is at number 3, up from about 6 last week. Word of mouth, yeah! I'd like to think that I helped in some small way by watching it twice last week, once on Thursday and once on Saturday. For inkognitoh and all my other friends who are dying to see this, it is worth the wait. I can't possibly do it justice, so I'll just say that it restored my faith in the movies if not humanity. For those of you who haven't seen it or heard of it yet, here's the trailer. I think I'll be forced to see it again before I can review it properly.

When my knuckles felt sore on last weekend's kayak outing, I chalked it up to the unfamiliar activity, but today my shoulders and other joints are really sore too and it's reminding me of the way I felt twice before when I came down with Lyme disease. And then there was the unexplained vomiting on Saturday. I haven't seen any ticks or bite marks on me, but then I didn't either of the previous times either, and I have spent some time in the woods over the past couple of weeks. My first case of Lyme was spectacularly awful, with purple leopard spots that started on one foot and spread all the way up to my hairline before receding back down, and for at least a couple of weeks I was a mess of jelly, barely able to walk and unable to eat anything but jello, saltines, or rice in chicken broth. My doctor even took photos of my freakish leopard-skin for her med students. I think it's time to make an appointment for blood work. Argh.
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