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Plum butter; movie review: Half-Nelson

The plum butter I made Wednesday night tastes good now that it's had a day to rest. The tartness has mellowed and the plum and vanilla bean flavors have mingled nicely. It's still much thicker than any other fruit butter I've ever seen. You could spread it on toast, but it would put up a fight. It's closest to what I've seen described in Greek cookbooks as a spoon sweet. It would probably be good with cheese. I'm going to give some to my grandmother this weekend, but I'm not sure whether it will win me points (for canning) or get them taken off (for being so weird). It's a good thing I'm not the only eccentric in the family, what with Great-Aunt Myrtle the would-be fashion designer with a taste for faaaaabulous prints, who sends an anti-Republican rant out with every Christmas card, and a cousin who lives on some kind of communal farm thing in Arizona.

Last night instead of baking I went out for Thai food and a movie with Liz. The movie had its good points (very real, squirmy situations, beautifully acted; fantastic soundtrack) and its ridiculous points (shaky hand-held camera = drug trip: *yawn*). Liz hated it and said if I hadn't been there she would have walked out. I think she just didn't approve of the main character. He wasn't exactly likeable, but he was real. I'd call him (thank you, Onion!) your basic member of the Young Asshole demographic, only with a mission to teach middle-school kids about the dialectic of history. Similar to a lot of the idealistic young guys I know. At first I thought it was going to be a formulaic "spiral into drug abuse" flick, but it kept it real and it kept me guessing. [7/10]

TGIS (Thank God It's September). Clouds and rain have moved in behind the stifling-hot tropical air pushed up here by Ernesto, and I can finally breathe. I wore two layers of clothing today in honor of the occasion: whee!
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