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Friday Five

From zz_neena:

1 - Where are you in the birth order in your family and do you like being there?

I'm the oldest of four. It's fine. My mom babied me less than my brothers, but I think that has more to do with being the only girl than with being the first.

2 - How old were you when you first moved out of your childhood home?

Pretty standard: away to college at 17, first apartment/real(ish) job at 21.

3 - What section of the bookstore do you go to first?

I take a quick browse through the new fiction and nonfiction, then make a beeline for the books on my list. I almost always go book shopping with a list, and stick to it. I have enough unread books without buying new ones on impulse, and besides I've bought some real duds that way so I've learned not to trust my bookstore instincts.

4 - What exotic (or uncommon) destination would you like to visit?

Neither Arizona nor Scotland probably counts as exotic. How about Moscow? Is that exotic enough? Otherwise, Morocco.

5 - What music is in your car tape deck/CD player right now?

Something by Dvorak, Six Organs of Admittance (trippy guitar feedback/chanting), The Beach Boys and (oh the shame) Simon & Garfunkel.
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