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Stop Her Before She Tats Again

OK, my old-skool domestic-arts obsession is getting a little out of control (unlike all my controlled obsessions, don't you know). First came last week's baking jag, followed by the canning of plum butter, then a visit to a cider mill near my cousin's place in Kansas for a sampling of more Olde-Timey Goodes, and now... God, what have I done? One minute I had an faint, innocent hankering for waffles like my mom used to make, and next thing I knew I was placing an order for this item from a dodgy-looking army/navy store site based in Utah. "...for that someone who has everything," indeed!

Next up: florafloraflora models her fetching new sunbonnet and matching frilly apron, coming soon to a browser near you! Get your exclusive photos right here!

At least I'm listening to Gnarls Barkley, if that does me any good, even if it is so last month.
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