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Street-Corner Immigration Reform

Hmmm. No comments on my giddy little entry about Paul Krugman. Perhaps you are all backing away slowly, murmuring in a reassuring way until you get to the door and can run for your lives.

At the risk of killing off what little readership I have left, I've got to quote the New York Times for the second time in a row, because they are just making perfect sense in one of today's editorials, "Street-Corner Immigration Reform":

The illegal immigrants who trim our hedges, prepare our food and care for our children have been compared to an invading army. If so, they have descended on a land desperate for occupation. This is a nation that insists on paying as little as possible for goods and services, and as long as it remains impractical to send lawns, motel beds and dirty dishes overseas, determined immigrants and semiporous borders will continue to feed the American addiction to cheap labor.

I'm glad somebody is still sane. I'm beginning to wonder.
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