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The wants/needs/thinks meme

Flora wants Brigit to be more ladylike.
Flora wants to be 16 again.
Flora wants to marry George an unseemly two months after her husband's funeral.
Flora wants to know Nirad as a person, without the colonialist baggage.
Flora wants to do well in the Torino Olympics.

Flora needs to work on defining herself as a holy person like Jesus.
Flora needs no refrigeration and can be taken before, during, and after antibiotics.
Flora needs to use spurs on me.
Flora needs to be relocated due to construction activities.
Flora needs to have work that has lots of variation and that is unique and not boring.

Flora thinks everyone else gets to be cool creatures, like squirrels and rabbits, while she's stuck being a frog.
Flora thinks sneezes are pretty funny — Marty had her in stitches last night just by fake-sneezing.
Flora thinks that things can change for the helpless victims of polygamy—the Child Brides.
Flora thinks there is no way that Stefano would cheat on her because he always says he loves her.
Flora thinks everyone who goes through the proper training and steps has the right to bear arms.
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