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Friends List Amnesty Week (baaaaa!)

The Friends List Amnesty trend is slightly alarming to me. Maybe it's because my Friends list is not huge, but I've never felt overburdened by the need to read too many entries. If one of my friends is having a boring spell, I just skip over that person's posts for a while. But if there's anyone who's been dying to drop me I don't want to be cluttering that person's friends page anyway. So, with that in mind, I'm reposting this:

Friends List Amnesty Week -- I've seen several friends lately posting about trying to cut down their friends list, and sometimes worrying themselves sick over it. We all know that the reasons for making those choices are myriad, and often have NOTHING to do with whether one likes the person one is cutting.

Sometimes it's a function of no time, of trying to actually reply once in awhile to the friends one already has, or simply of "Gee, they're a really great person, but our interests just don't match at this time."

So.....I am declaring this week FRIENDS LIST AMNESTY WEEK. Anyone who wants to drop me, go right ahead. No explanations needed, and I promise I won't feel bad as if I'm boring or have offended you in some way.

Maybe you're just too busy. Maybe our interests have simply diverged as your life and my life have changed over the past year or so, and you've noticed you're skimming past my journal more often than not. Maybe you added me based on one post that struck you, thinking we had so much in common. Now you've discovered that we don't, really, but you're afraid dropping me will seem unkind.

Whatever the reason, it's okay. Prune away. :-)

(Feel free to copy and paste this to your journal if you'd like to have an amnesty week also. I did!)

Me again: seriously, there are all sorts of reasons for dropping people from your friends list, and I won't hold it against you if you drop me. That said, I enjoy reading all of you, so I hope you won't drop me, but do what you need to do.
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