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Fridayfiver: Scary Spice

1. What's your favorite candy:
Either Swedish Fish or else toffee anything.

2. What's the best scary movie?
I'm not a big fan of scary movies. I like Carrie a lot even if (or maybe because) it didn't really scare me. The Shining is good too. I wouldn't call The Blair Witch Project a great movie, but it did a good job of pushing my fear buttons. The worst scary movie is The Exorcist. It just makes me laugh.

3. Do you like to be alone at home?
Not crazy about it. I have to see another human face at least once a day or I start to get a little loopy.

4. Pumpkin pie: eat it or throw it?
Are you kidding? Eat it.

5. The most distasteful Halloween costume you can think of:
JonBenet Ramsay would be pretty foul. I wish I could be sure that nobody will dress up as her this Halloween, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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