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Every car tells a story

Yesterday morning, at the corner of Connecticut and Veirs Mill Roads, in a conservative, taupe, Toyota sedan in the lane to the left of mine: a well-groomed fortyish man in the passenger seat, holding what looked like an ice pack wrapped in paper towels to the right side of his head; all I could see of the woman next to him in the driver's seat was shoulder-length blond hair and a wedding ring on her hand on the steering wheel. How many different stories could come out of that?

In other news, a sad little entry for emperor_fool's something-you've-never-done-before challenge: I ate at McDonald's twice yesterday for what I'm sure was the first time ever, and I hope the only time ever. I swear, I eat at McDonald's no more than once a month, and usually it's a lot less often than that.

But back to yesterday: the first time was for breakfast. I had come in to work at 4:30 after Opus woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. I was starving because I've been working so hard that I keep forgetting to eat, and all I had on hand were some cashews: hardly the breakfast of champions. Manuela came in at 6 and swept me off to McDonald's for breakfast, where I had a McMuffin. Not the breakfast of champions either, but at least it had some protein in it. The second Mickey D's trip of the day was in the evening, on my drive to North Carolina. I stopped for gas in Petersburg and ended up dining at the Golden Arches, again. I had the 3-piece Chicken Selects, which are far from the worst thing on the menu, with no sauce and no soda, but still. I didn't realize the enormity of what I'd done until I was back on the road. Oh, the horror.

Too bad it wasn't still February, or I could count it as my entry for that month. As the end of the month approached, I realized I hadn't done anything especially new, and I intended to find out how heat exchangers work because that's something I've never understood. Well, maybe I'll find out this month. It might even counterbalance my sad little McDonald's milestone.
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