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End-of-the-year meme

From just about everybody, but most directly from madame_urushiol:

Post the first two sentences of the first entry in each month of this year (but no memes, quizzes, or other silly stuff).

January [none! I wasn't here yet!]


I ended up taking Amtrak home today from Durham, because for long and convoluted reasons I had to leave little Go with the Mr. for this week. It was my second trip on Amtrak this year after a long hiatus, and I realized how much I've missed it.


I'm swamped with Boondoggle 2000 and can't write much [worked until 11 last night! whoo! that must be why they pay me the big bucks, ha, ha], but I just had to share this, from a blog called, apparently by total coincidence, Granny Gets a Vibrator:
"...the magical combination of true love and aerobic lust has given her a whole new lease on life."


I just realized I never told any of my Bookcrossing friends that I was giving up the Chit-Chat forum for Lent. So if any of you out there are wondering why I haven't been around CC, that's why.


If I'd written an entry about an hour ago, it would have gone something like this:
The Drama is dull, annoying, and terrifying. ...


Last night I met up with Ming and Seema for a little function at one of Washington's many international cultural institutions. The event itself was a tiny bit mediocre, but the reception afterward, featuring a smoked trout mousse and some gorgeous cheeses, more than made up for it.


Well, Brazil is out of the World Cup--just didn't have the skills--and I'm hitting the road for Cackalacky. I'll just leave you with this imponderable question: WHAT do people see in Jennifer Aniston?


I broke down and sent for musical reinforcements to get me through the end of the summer. It also didn't hurt that Barnes & Noble has a sale on right now--every CD is $12.98 or less, or $11.68 with my membership discount.


The plum butter I made Wednesday night tastes good now that it's had a day to rest. The tartness has mellowed and the plum and vanilla bean flavors have mingled nicely.


I've been having the goofiest dreams, all about minor responsibilities getting accomplished: I scrubbed the tub and shower doors, woot! I remembered to take my Omega-3 supplement: yeah me!


From the "What is WRONG with people?" files:
i'm planning to bake a lot of things that i've been craving lately like cinnamon buns, muffins, cup cakes & etc.. the only problem is i'm on a no carb diet!! ...


I've had four separate deliveries here at work today: two from the doggie-supply place (the new doggie-gate and other goodies) and two from Barnes & Noble. That B&N order had a book in it and two CDs: Marisa Monte's latest and something from Arvo Pärt (what??? what's wrong with that?).
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