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The waiting is the hardest part

Me (to the Mr.): Hey, can you please time 45 minutes on your watch for me? I'm putting the bread in the oven.

Me: OMG, how much time is left? That bread smells amazing.
Mr: It's only been ten minutes.
Me: Argh!

Me: How much time now?
Mr: 29 minutes.
Me: *stomach grumbles*

Me: This is going to be the single most-anticipated slice of bread in my life. I've had the butter out to soften since last night.

Mr: Wow, what's that amazing smell?
Me: I don't know. Somebody must be baking bread.
Mr: Bread?!
Me: Yeah, I don't know who the hell would do such a time-consuming thing. It must be some woman who really loves her husband. One of those domestic throwback types.

Mr: Time's up!
Me: *opening oven* This is the most beautiful baked good I've ever seen! Wouldn't you agree? Look at this bad boy! Do you have a camera? I need to take a picture of this.
Mr: No, I left it at home.
Me: OK then. *snarf*
Mr: .
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