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Not a drop of fat in any of it, I'm sure.

Like house-poor people who take on too much of a mortgage and can't afford to furnish the new place, Mom says we're food-poor: we're spending so much time running around after fancy food that we have no time for our usual yoga or the facial treatment from Lush. Part of that has to do with living in the sticks and having to drive long distances to shop for stuff, but there's also a healthy dollop of pretension in the Christmas-menu mix. Here's the plan:

Christmas Eve:
  • Brazilian shrimp in coconut milk, as always
  • hearts of palm salad
  • my Brazilian grandmother's trifle
Christmas morning:
  • my mom's traditional "Italian" cheese strata (I'm sure this thing has never been eaten in Italy, but it's full of savory cheesy bread-puddingy goodness so I'm not complaining)
Christmas dinner (late afternoon, with three guests plus the five of us):
  • hot cider with Drambuie
  • tomato consommé, a schmancy clear tomato broth
  • pork loin roast
  • rice with greens
  • roast parsnips (all hail the 'snip!)
  • Brussels sprouts with bacon and thyme
  • poached pears
  • Charlotte Russe
God help us, everyone.
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