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I made it home. If I gave a detailed account of what has happened since my last post, it would sound like I'm whining, but I'm not actually not upset at all, more like pleased with myself for kicking ass, taking names, dealing with things that have to be dealt with. So I'll just say: I'm still sick. Got a new battery for my car. I called in sick to work yesterday but ended up dealing with mechanics most of the day. Came in to work today, but I'm about to leave soon because I'm finding it impossible to breathe without honking into a tissue like a water buffalo every two minutes, and that's just more than my coworkers need to know about me. It may be more than you needed to know about me, in which case I apologize for the TMI.

Thanks to all the lovely people who sent me cards. The one with the Rainer Maria Rilke quote about the new year made my night when I staggered through the door feeling slightly less than human after spending Boxing Day on planes, trains and shuttle buses.

One of my Christmas gifts was a gift card to Red Lobster. I've never been to one. Would anybody care to recommend something from their menu? I've heard food snobs badmouth the place, and I've heard that their cheese rolls are fabulous, but beyond that I've got nothing. TIA.

I have a ton of good things to read (like my very first crack at Paul Auster), and damn, there's no place like your very own bed with your own mattress and duvet after camping out in your parents' den for a week. I found an awesome poem in the New Yorker and will voice-post it as soon as I start sounding human again. For now I'm off to bed for a long winter's nap.

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