florafloraflora (florafloraflora) wrote,

The elixir of youth (beta)

I've been looking for a good moisturizing sunscreen without too many artificial ingredients in it, and I thought I'd found it in Alba Botanicals Sea Moss Moisturizer with SPF 15. Then my skin started breaking out, worse than it did when I was in high school (I had dryish skin even then). Over Christmas I got my first blackheads ever. Since then I've had at least one pimple at any given time.

*sigh* Guys? It's sweet of you to take me on a trip back in time, but if I could choose one thing I miss about high school, it would be my old friends, or the total lack of financial responsibility, or the free time. And if I can have my teenage skin back, then I want the elasticity and the lack of scars too. But, um, thanks for the thought.

Can anybody recommend a good sunscreen for the face?

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